A new UK brand named EnviroTent hopes to solve one of the most unpleasant things about festival campgrounds.


You’ve probably seen them. The videos of festival campgrounds strewn with rubbish like a landfill. Chief among them is the budget tent, which despite the large amount of plastic involved, are cheap enough for many people to consider them disposable.

Up to 250,000 tents are left behind at UK festivals every year. That’s thanks to one in three attendees ditching their tents when the party’s over – not great.

It’s a grim situation, one that a new company called EnviroTent hopes to fix with… cardboard tents?

How It Works

EnviroTent’s solution is based around pre-pitched ‘tents’ which kind of look like a seven-sided tube that you wiggle into. They’re already sorted out with bedding and they’re dark inside, but as they’re UK-based there isn’t much info on how they deal with the heat.

The rain though? Safe to say that basing your tent around a material that’s often paired with the word ‘soggy’ doesn’t look good on…cardboard. 

Founder Tayla says that the tents are made out of a ‘really thick uncoated cardboard with less holes,’ and that ‘they perform similarly to a standard tent in extreme weather’.

When the festival is over, the tents are recycled. Pretty neat!


envirotent, instagram screenshot

Sleeps two (or three if they’re cute) | @envirotent

Is it actually environmentally friendly?

Apparently producing your typical 3.5kg plastic tent emits the equivalent of 25kg of carbon dioxide.

How about the EnviroTent? Well unfortunately that’s where the stats end for the moment, but we’re looking forward to hearing how it compares once it’s been recycled. 

Hopefully the emissions are much, much lower and they can get the price point down low enough that the third of people who ditch their tent do something like this instead.

Or they could, y’know, get a good tent and take it home when they’re done.


Feature photos thanks to @envirotent