You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d clicked through to the Betoota Advocate, but no, this is a very real, very breaking story that demands your attention. 


The Yaraka Hotel in woop-woop, outback Queensland has sadly had to say ‘Sorry, mate, you’ve had enough, you gotta go’ to a couple of cheeky emus, Kevin and Carol, after they started causing havoc in the pub. 

Behaving more like a pair of flaming galahs than emus, these brazen birds started harassing tourists by stealing their food, sculling their drinks, hiding their keys before, shamefully, defecating on the floor. Sounds like a rough night out. 

Publicans Chris and Gerry Gimblett have plastered signs around the hotel and strung up a rope across the entrance to the establishment, in the hope of preventing the emus from making their way inside. 



‘We love them as part of the Yaraka community, but they’re not welcome inside any more,’ Gerry said.

But like many banished patrons, the cheeky buggers continue to loiter around the front of the pub, hoping to sneak back in when Chris’ and Gerry’s backs are turned.

‘They still hang around each gate, hoping that they’ll be able to slip in when someone opens it up,’ Chris said. ‘But so far we are winning the war.’

Let’s hope this goes more in the favour of people this time than the Great Emu War of 1932.


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Photos by Chris Gimblett