Been thinking about levelling up your adventure car to an electric vehicle? It’s becoming more and more viable and accessible to road trip exclusively in an electric car, thanks to green car loans.

Are electric vehicles the future of adventure travel?

A big part of the fight against climate change is about making technologies like the ones powering renewable energy accessible to the wider community so we can see a systemic shift in the energy we use. Technologies like electric vehicles. 

Although they may still feel a bit out of reach at the moment, it’s likely the next car you purchase will run off electricity, not fuel. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be restricted to traipsing around the city and not heading into the bush – electric car charging stations are popping up all over the country



From Bruny Island in Tassie, to the heart of the nation at Yulara (Uluru), and even out north-west in the Kimberley, hundreds of electric car charging stations are available across the country.

And for those wanting to jump on board this technology as it shifts into gear, the crew at Driva are keen to get you your first green car loan. 


From Broome to Kooljamin: A Road Trip Across the Dampier Peninsula, Callum Brockett - Western Australia, Kimberleys, Dampier Peninsula, pender bay, cliffs

Oh imagine the places you’ll go!

What’s Driva?

Driva is a 100% online company that lets you compare pre-approved electric car loans that are tailored to you from the get-go. 

Just enter your deets in your own personal profile, and Driva will allow you to compare the rates of pre-approved car loans from a possible 30+ different lenders, in under 60 seconds.

If you find a rate and loan that works for you, you can start the loan application online immediately, and have the money in your account in as little as 24 hours! All online and fast approval = more time for adventures!

And if you’re thinking of levelling up your adventure car to an electric vehicle, Driva’s green car loan might just be the incentive you need to commit. 

What’s a green car loan? 

A green car loan is for any crew looking to buy a fully electric or hybrid vehicle. All of Driva’s green car loans come with a fixed rate, so you’ll pay the same amount every month of your loan compared to a variable rate.

Driva also offers a 0.7% discount on green car loans with select lenders, so you’ll be rewarded for going green! It’s a win-win!

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Electric vehicles are not far out of reach, and it won’t be long before they’re the dominant vehicle on our roads. Time to start thinking about what your next car (and road trip) will look like!


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