Do you live in NSW? Lucky duck! The government wants to give you $100 to spend with businesses in industries affected most by the pandemic. And yes, you can spend it on adventures. 

Dine and Discover NSW

Dine and Discover is an initiative from the NSW Government that allows every resident, over the age of 18, to apply for $100 to spend on ‘stimulating the economy’. Yeeeew!

You get $100 in the form of 4 x $25 vouchers to spend dining out, catching a show, or on an adventure! Free money! Who’s gonna say no to that? But there are a few rules.

Where can I spend my vouchers?

You can’t spend it all in one place. 

Two of the vouchers are to go towards dining out at a registered COVID-safe cafe, restaurant, bar, pub, or club, between Monday and Thursday (and not on a public holiday). I’m thinking post-hike pub feed. 

The other two vouchers can be spent on entertainment and recreation, any day of the week (except public holidays). 

That means you can spend it chowing down on popcorn while watching the latest blockbuster, falling over face first at the ice-rink, OR supporting the outdoor industry!

The complete list of registered businesses is still being put together, so it’s tricky to say exactly where you can spend your ‘hard-earned’ cash. But the list of eligible industries related to the outdoors includes;

  • nature reserves
  • recreational activities such as indoor climbing 
  • outdoor adventures 
  • travel agencies and tours

The vouchers aren’t valid for retail, tobacco, alcohol, gambling or accommodation. But who needs alcohol to have fun, right?

How do I get the vouchers?

To get your hands on the vouchers, you need a MyServiceNSW account, which you can create by downloading the Service NSW app. The vouchers will become available from late January 2021.

Download the Service NSW app on iOS or on Android.

How do I register my business?

Do you own a business within the dining, arts, or tourism industry? You can register your expression of interest to take part in the scheme and hopefully see a boost in business!


Feature photo thanks to DNSW