Australian bushfire survivors, actors, musicians and athletes are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to sever ties with the fossil fuel industry and take immediate and drastic action on climate change.

Dear Scotty’ is a new campaign, or rather an intervention, launched by Greenpeace in alliance with Australians, demanding PM Scott Morrison leave the fossil fuel industry in the past and catch up with the rest of the world by embracing renewable energy policy. 

In an open letter style video, bushfire survivors, young and old, stand in front of their decimated homes and plead the Prime Minister to make policy changes, so that Australia never has to face a summer like this one again. 

It’s no longer ok to do the bare minimum. You wouldn’t want this for your family. And you wouldn’t expect that from us,’ they say. 


Dear Scotty


The bushfire survivors are supported by a bunch of Australian personalities, including actor Simon Baker, musician Julia Stone and radio host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, who all echo the same sentiment. 

Australian communities are being devastated by unprecedented fires, extreme droughts, and flash flooding,’ Fitzy says. 

‘All made worse by climate change,’ adds Baker. 

The collective call-out is calling for unity, rather than division and fear, and offers Scott Morrison a chance to redeem himself after a summer of devastation for the entire country. 

You can help strengthen the intervention by speaking up, recording your own ‘Dear Scotty’ video message and sharing it online. Check out the campaign and help spread the message.