Every year in Whyalla South Australia, tens of thousands of Giant Australian cuttlefish migrate to the same single area of Point Lowly, in what is the largest cuttlefish breeding site in the country.


This area, known as the Cuttlefish Coast Sanctuary Zone, has just been added to Australia’s National Heritage List to ensure its protection as a breeding area for cuttlefish into the future.

‘The cuttlefish put on a spectacular show of colour, shapeshifting and cunning games, creating what is almost an underwater lightshow,’ said Minister for Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek

‘The Cuttlefish Coast Sanctuary Zone adds outstanding heritage value to Australia’s precious coastal sanctuary zones and helps to develop an understanding of our unique natural history,’ she said.



This is South Australia’s tenth site to join the National Heritage List and is a major drawcard for tourism in the Whyalla area. 

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The protection of these cuttlefish has been a point of contention in the past, with the South Australian state government introducing, removing, and re-introducing a cuttlefish fishing ban in the Spencer Gulf area over the last ten years, as population numbers changed.

The current fishing ban is due to expire 13th of May 2023. 


Feature photo thanks to @meet_me_underwater