Move over Oscars, there’s a shiny new awards ceremony on the scene and the trophies are a helluva lot more useful than a gold statue. Introducing The (Kinda) Awesome Adventure Awards! 


We’ve teamed up with the crew at Columbia to bring you, for the time first ever, The (Kinda) Awesome Adventure Awards – our very own awards ceremony to pay homage to the golden adventure humans in our lives. 

Inspired by Columbia’s Omni-Heat Infinity Jacket, the literal gold standard in warmth, we’ve come up with three award categories that are open to public nominations.


The Awards

1. The MVP – This award goes to the Most Valuable Person to have on an adventure. The person who always has the first aid kit handy (and knows how to use it). The one who leads the pack, has the best lightweight meal recipes, and is just a damn delight to be around. Basically, adventures just wouldn’t happen without them.

2. The Clumsiest Camper – This award goes to the person who, no matter how hard they try, always seems to be getting into some kind of mischief or mishap. Whether it’s little spills of the camping cup or big spills off their mountain bike, this person will make you say ‘Can’t take you anywhere!.

3. Best Dressed – This award goes to the person who always makes the trail their runway. The fashionista in the friend group, who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing khaki. We’re not worried about the flashiest gear, we just want to see style!

How To Nominate Your Mates

If you’ve got a mate that fits one of the categories above, nominate them! 

Head to the entry form above and tell us in 50 words or less why your mate should win – extra points if your adventure tale makes us laugh!

Nominations are open now until 2nd May 2022.

How To Vote

The We Are Explorers team will sort through all of the nominations and choose the finalists for each category. But then it’s all over to you – the people!

4th May – We’ll announce the two finalists for each category on the We Are Explorers Instagram.

5th May – We’ll launch a poll for each award category on the We Are Explorers Instagram Story so you can have your say about who you think the final winner should be!

6th May – The winners will be announced!


The Prize

Rather than a tacky gold medal or useless gold statue, we figured we’d award each winner with something they can use on their adventures instead – how bout a gold jacket? 

Each winner will be awarded a Columbia Omni-Heat Infinity Jacket – this thing has a gold lining on the inside that’s inspired by NASA’s reflective technology. The gold metallic dots reflect your body heat, instantly warming you up without adding bulk!

So wrack your brain for a story about your most valuable/clumsy/fashionable adventure pal and share it with us to nominate them for The (Kinda) Awesome Adventure Awards!


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Photos by @thetantrap