Have you always wanted to rock climb, but felt you needed the basics spelt out for you first? Today might just be your lucky day! 


Blue Mountains Climbing School is teaming up with Climbing QTs, to create a series of climbing courses to help all you frothers from the LGBTQIA+ community who want to spend more time on rock! 

There are courses available for a range of skill levels and styles; from the basics, with an intro to rock climbing, to learning to transition from indoor to outdoor climbing, and even courses on multi-pitches and the foundations of trad. 



The courses range from 1-3 days depending on which one you choose, but thanks to funding from the NSW Office of Sport all the courses have been subsidised, which means you won’t fork out more than $75 even for a three day course. How good!

Courses are running all throughout the year so you’ll definitely find a date that suits. Plus there’s a four-day expedition to the Warrumbungles scheduled in for October – that means you’ve got over six months to get your climbing skills up to scratch!

Check out the extensive list of course dates on the Climbing QTs events calendar and book your spot now before they’re all snatched up!