CLIMBERS Magazine is a fresh and funky new Aussie print publication about – you guessed it – all things climbing. 


But rather than just yarning about routes, crags, and the gnarliest flapper they’ve ever had, the crew at CLIMBERS are focussing on the lives of climbers off the wall. 

Whaaaaat? You’re telling me climbers actually have a life? 

Apparently! And this is the place to read all about them. 

These guys were running a Pozible crowdfunding campaign earlier in the year to kickstart the mag, and now the first stunning issue is available to get into your callused ridden hands.



Expect intriguing interviews and long-form stories, lush photography, delightful illustrations, and even some fiction thrown in for fun. 

Issue 1 is $24 for the full print version or $16.50 for a selection of stories in digital form – but who really needs more screen time these days? 

Our copy will be covered in chalky fingerprints soon enough. 

Grab a Copy!