The Clarence River Canoe and Kayak Trail is a microadventurer’s dreamland (that you probably haven’t heard of).

We spent a week on this relatively unknown river paradise in Northern New South Wales. To say this place is a hidden gem of Australia is like saying Donald Trump has a mildly inflamed ego; it’s an outrageous understatement.

We paddled and camped, discovering the newly launched Clarence Canoe & Kayak Trail and interviewing an eclectic mix of locals to find out what this nook of heaven means to those who live upon it.

As Hayley Talbot says in the video, “it’s a place that lets the mind switch off and the spirit to speak, and that doesn’t leave you. Long after you go away from the Clarence, it stays.”

Now sit back, and enjoy the film.

Keen to check it out for yourself? Here’s what you need to know to stoke the wanderlust and equip yourself with the escape tools:

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