Car Next Door are an Aussie company who reckon there are already enough cars out there, and that we should all share them a lot more.


If you own a car you’re probably pretty aware of how often it’s sitting around doing sweet nothing. But more likely, as you’ve clicked on this article, is that you don’t have a car, and you’ve seen them lining the streets as you bus, Uber, or cycle around town.

You might even have been on your way to rent a car for yourself. For an adventure perhaps? Here’s how Car Next Door are making it easy and affordable.

A Fresh Way to Approach Car Ownership

A few years back, Car Next Door founder Will Davies was looking out his Bondi apartment window when he noticed that the cars clogging the sides of the street barely moved all day.

He started thinking and realised that there wasn’t an Airbnb for cars out there. A way to make better use of the cars already on the road. New technology was making peer-to-peer car sharing possible, suddenly people could rent out their cars that sat idle all week, or rent out their second car while away on the weekend.

Owners could subsidise the cost of car ownership, and those without cars could get an affordable hire car. At We Are Explorers we love anything that makes microadventures easier, but Car Next Door is good for the planet too.

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No car? No worries!

How can car hire be environmentally friendly?

Obviously cars are a bit of a necessary evil, but Car Next Door are tackling the environmental impact of cars in a few ways.

First up, each Car Next Door car means up to 10 less cars on the roads. But at the very least it means not encouraging rental companies to buy more cars.

Then they’ve been buying Australian Government certified carbon offset purchases, as well as supporting reforestation and offsetting the company’s emissions through Greenfleet.

And finally, Car Next Door have partnered with Hyundai to make 16 ​​Ioniq hybrid cars available to rent. While these are new cars, we reckon their super low emissions make them more than justified.

Wanna hire one?

It’s pretty straightforward to hire a car with Car Next Door.

  1. Join the community. It’s free to join, and you can apply in a few minutes and be approved to drive in just three hours.
  2. Download the app and search for cars, vans, and utes near you.
  3. Unlock your car drive instantly with ‘Instant Keys’. Check the app for instructions, get the keys and hit the road.

Oh and Car Next Door have slung us a discount code for $15 for your first trip, just use the code* FIRST15. See ya on the road!

*T&Cs apply. This promotional code will give you $15 free driving credit on your first ride for all eligible and approved borrowers. Activate the offer by using the code when you create your Car Next Door account. Credit is valid for one month from when you complete your application.

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