It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! Tim’s rugging up in his Campshire Fleece and he wants you to know about it.


This year I bought ugg boots. Every year, winter would roll around, my tootsies would start getting icey cold, and I’d procrastinate buying them for so long that a thousand blossoms would be bloomin’. 

For years I let this weird form of sunk-cost theory torment my extremities, but a big stint of work from home on the horizon finally pushed me over the edge. And I haven’t looked back.

This had me thinking about my other winter mainstays. There’s one that absolutely stands out from the pack, from crag to campsite to coffee shop; it’s the Campshire Fleece from The North Face.

Consider this a PSA

Australia’s snapping cold at the moment (don’t tell me it doesn’t get cold in Aus, it’s already snowing in Vicco) and I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did. If I don’t get this article up right now you could spend countless days, even weeks, not walking around in a mobile doona. Honestly, I perish the thought.

Seriously though, having owned a Campshire Fleece for a year now, I’ve gotta say, it holds up.


TNF Campshire Fleece-3, photo by @thetantrap, modelled by Tim Ashelford, berry island, nsw

Outdoor Techy but Everyday Wear-y

Outdoor gear brands make hydrostatic-this and quick-wicking-that and it’s great! The way tech has evolved means we can go further, faster, with less. But often it’s total overkill. When you’re hanging out ’round the campfire or cruising the coast looking for winter surf spots you probably don’t need fresh Gore-Tex or high-loft down.

But you do want some of the durability and performance that outdoor gear’s known for – that hoodie from high street might not cut it when a cool change hits.


TNF Campshire Fleece-3, photo by @thetantrap, modelled by Tim Ashelford, berry island, nsw


The fluffy boi on the other hand, is made of 300-weight Sherpa fleece that feels like a plush rug, but barely pills, and thanks to its synthetic makeup, dries pretty quickly.

It’s got (absolutely essential) hand pockets that are completely fluffy on the inside, as well as a ‘kangaroo pouch’ that zips up so you don’t drop your keys in the creek.

It’s got a hood for obvious reasons and to help you feel a little bit scholarly (and not wear out the elbows, I guess) there are big juicy elbow patches.

A Hug is Always the Right Size

I love a good cuddle. Luckily the Campshire Fleece makes me the most huggable bloke in a 5k radius. One caveat though, this might be partly because of the colour I chose: Caramel Cafe. Translation: Teddy Bear. Go easy on the honey.


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Feature photo by @thetantrap