Overnight stays and high visitation areas have closed in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.


Honestly, this is a good thing. The sooner we stay home and lock ourselves down, the sooner we can get on top of this virus for good! Here’s what’s happening:

What’s NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service doing?

NPWS are closing ‘all campgrounds, high visitation areas and historic sites across NSW’.

While parks will remain open, cafes, visitor centres and anywhere with high traffic will be closing down, as they can’t ensure social distancing guidelines are met.

Head here for the full list of closed areas. Don’t worry, if you had a booking for the Easter Long Weekend you’re entitled to a refund.

Most walking tracks are open for now, but if you’re going for a little isolation stroll make sure you’re being extra cautious, following guidelines on hygiene and distancing, and keeping it local.

What’s Parks Victoria doing?

In Vicco, Parks Victoria have shut all campgrounds and accommodation, including a bunch of state parks.

They’re also restricting or closing busy areas, here’s their list of what’s currently being shut down.

People already in the parks are being asked to leave immediately; as the situation is developing day-by-day, it’s really not the time to head out on a multi-day hike.

Why’s this a good thing?

Countries across the world have been rapidly succumbing to COVID-19 and offer us a rare window into what we can expect. The economy will recover but many people won’t if this goes unchecked. However, if we all work together to stay in, toast up some marshmallows on the stove and Instagram pushups to each other, we have a chance at beating this thing.

Do your bit, have a sit and click around our website for a little longer. What’s stopping you?

Feature photo by Angela Feton