Looking for some new threads to don on your first post-lockdown hike? We’ve got just the tee! Plus you’ll be helping protect the Daintree Rainforest. Win-win!

Late last year we were crowdfunding $25,000 to buy a block of land in the Daintree Rainforest, in order to return it to the national park and protect it for good. 

To get people on board, we dangled a metaphorical carrot – in the shape of a fresh new t-shirt, with a rad Daintree design by our mate Scotty Williams – in front of anyone who was willing to donate 100 bucks or more. 


This staunch Cassowary will always have your back | @thetantrap


We ordered a tonne of tees and sent them out to everyone who pitched in a couple of pineapples for the cause. But here’s the thing… there’s still a bunch of tees sitting patiently in our office, searching for their forever home.

These puppies boast four points of entry, are made of organic cotton, and the design’s printed using completely water-based inks. 

Oh, and the best part is 10% of all sales will be donated to Rainforest 4 Foundation, who helped us with the logistics of crowdfunding and conservation in the first place. Rad! 


 Take My Money!


Think about it, you could look as stylish and stoic as these fellas.

Feature photo by @thetantrap