A 128 year old wrecked ship has resurfaced on NSW’s Woolgoolga Beach this week, after heavy rains washed away all the sand that once hid it from view. 


Locals are flocking like seagulls to Woolgoolga Beach on NSW’s mid-north coast, as the remains of ‘Buster’ a 39-metre long sailing vessel emerged from the sand. 

Buster became wrecked on the shore way back on 17 February 1893, when massive waves produced by a severe storm broke the ships anchor cable and holding chains, washing the ship ashore and almost killing the ten crew on board.

The ship was built in Nova Scotia, Canada and had docked at Woolgoolga Jetty to carry a load of timber to New Zealand before becoming wrecked. 


Photo by Liz McGinnes


Buster only makes a reappearance on the beach when heavy winds and rains wash the sand away and according to Lisa Nichols, editor of local paper Woopi News, many long-term residents didn’t even know the preserved ship was there! 

‘It’s probably the most photographed thing in Woolgoolga at the moment… It just seems to look more spectacular this time,’ Lisa told news.com.au

Who knows when Buster will bust its way out of the sand again? Go check out a piece of history! 


Feature photo by Liz McGinnes