Some of the brands that We Are Explorers work closely with have gone out of their way to support the communities in NSW and QLD affected by the recent floods, by donating their own products to those in need.


There’s been plenty of news about the lack of government support for the communities in the NSW Northern Rivers during the direct aftermath of the recent flooding, but there have been a bunch of companies quietly playing their part to help out behind the scenes and with very little fanfare or fuss. 

Here are some of the companies helping do good in the community!

Great Northern Brewing Co Has Donated Beer!

Although it may not be a disaster relief essential, after a long, hard day of slinging mud on the shovel, the promise of a cold, crisp beer is a life-saver. 

Great Northern Brewing Co is handing out 1000 cases of beer to deserving individuals who have been hit by the floods. Unreal!

They’re also donating two kegs of beer to every pub that’s been affected to help them get back up and running. On top of that, they’re donating another 500 kegs to around 250 pubs in QLD and NSW, with all profits from the sales of that beer going to the Rotary Flood Appeal. 

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve partnered with Solotel Group to donate $1 from every sale to the Red Cross. Impressive stuff!


Icebreaker is Donating Socks!

With many people’s shoes lost in the floods and unsafe and unsanitary conditions pervading the area, podiatrists have been treating hundreds of people’s feet that have become infected due to inappropriate footwear (or none at all).

To help the community literally get back on their feet, the crew at Wilderness Wear are donating 300 pairs of Australian made, high-quality wool socks to a footwear drive run by High Risk Foot Service, an emergency foot treatment service set up in the Northern Rivers. How good!

Icebreaker has also chucked in an extra 31 pairs as well. 

Sometimes, all you need is a pair of fresh socks and a cold beer to feel a million bucks!


Photos thanks to @producer_lyf