After paddling 12,700km, Bonnie Hancock has completed her circumnavigation of the Aussie mainland on a surf ski in record-breaking time.


Paddling into Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast early on Sunday morning, Bonnie was back where she launched off 254 days earlier, with an expected four Guinness World Records under her belt.

A Record-Breaking Paddle

Bonnie has become the fastest person to circumnavigate Australia by paddle. Her record beats the previous record held by German woman Freya Hoffmeister, by a whopping 78 days, however it’s worth noting that while Bonnie was supported by a boat and crew on her journey, Freya undertook her journey solo.

Whilst off the coast of Cape York, Bonnie paddled 213km in 24 hours and is expected to claim the record for the longest distance paddled in 24 hours by a woman for her performance.


This Woman is Paddling 16,000km Around Australia on a Surf Ski, photo supplied by Matt Hancock, Bonnie Hancock, ocean, surf ski, paddle


Bonnie’s also the first Australian woman to make the journey around Australia by paddle and she hopes to claim the record for the youngest person to complete the trip, at just 32 years old. 

As part of the paddle, Bonnie’s been raising money for mental health charity, Gotcha 4 Life. She’s raised over $76,000 of her $100,000 goal so far and is still taking donations.

We caught up with Bonnie in the midst of her paddle while she was docked in Darwin and were floored by her endurance and tenacity. Read all about Bonnie’s journey and her new perspective on Australia. 

Congratulations Bonnie! Time for a well-deserved rest!


Photos supplied by @bonniehancock