To help bring a bit of nature into our homes, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service have recorded the sounds from some of our favourite national parks. And you can listen online for free now. 

Do you miss the soothing sounds of nature? The singing of birds, the babbling of brooks, the whispering of wind as it flies past your ear? 

The NPWS has kindly gone out to a bunch of iconic national parks around NSW, recorded the natural sounds in these spaces and created ambient, hour-long soundscapes. Just for you. 

The first soundscape just dropped! It was recorded in the rainforest at the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, a place plenty of people are stinging to get back to. 

These soundscapes are calming and truly transport you into nature. They’re the perfect backing track to your working day. Do your earbuds a favour and tune in now. 

Sounds of the coast and desert coming soon!