Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, earn your schooies next weekend on the 5km Beer Run!


The only thing we love more than going on adventures is the first sip of a well deserved ice-cold beer at the end. 

The Beer Run flips this idea on its head and says, ‘Hey, who said you have to hike to Mt Kosci and back just to get a schooey? Why not just go for a fun run between breweries instead?’. 

And we reckon that sounds pretty rad too. 

On Sunday March 28th all sorts of beer-loving folk will come together to delight in a bunch of delicious brews at five different breweries along a 5km fun run. 

The Beer Run is happening in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and tickets are on sale now! Your ticket gets you entry to the run, a beer at each brewery along the way, plus a cheeky bottle-opener style medal once you finish the run. Handy! 

The run finishes with an after-party at the final brewery to say ‘cheers!’ to the massive effort everyone put in for the day, phew! 

Here’s to the funniest 5km you’ll probably ever run!


Feature photo thanks to @Taylor_grote