Australia’s freshest outdoor gear company, Zorali, has grown mammothly since launching in 2019, and now the team has taken steps to go worldwide by opening up the business to investors! Huge tings!

Never heard of Zorali?

Launched in August 2019, Zorali’s a homegrown outdoor brand that’s hitting the sweet spot between adventure gear and lifestyle products, and Explorers around Australia, and evidently the world, have eaten it up! 

Even during a pandemic, the business boomed, with sales to over 17,500 customers in 27 countries.

Zorali has been built from strong values, with the desire to connect people to nature and environmentally-conscious consumption at the forefront of their designs.

From the get-go, Zorali has been planting ten trees planted for every purchase made, with now over 510,000 trees planted across the world, thanks to Zorali customers.

Through opening up the business to investors, the team is hoping to widen their international market, expand their range of gear and meet the increasing demand for their current line of products.

How do I become an investor in Zorali?

If you want to become an investor in Zorali, don’t lie on your laurels! There’s only a week left to go in the Birchal campaign and 545 people have already chipped in. 

Shares are $5.93 a pop, with a minimum of $200 needed to call yourself a part-owner. 

Zorali is offering rewards to investors in the way of lifetime discounts and gift cards, ranging a 10% discount and a $20 gift card for a $200 investment, to a 30% discount and a $250 gift card for a $10,000 investment. 

For all the nitty-gritty details, check out the Birchal campaign.


Photos thanks to @zorali