Beau Miles is back with a new video ‘Junk Films: Four stories unfit for YouTube’ where he’s more or less slung four half-finished, half-baked stories into one entertaining clip. Let’s hoe in.


Beau Miles is a self-professed junk-lover – usually he’s making something useful out of stuff other people threw away, but today, he’s piecing together his own scrappy, junky pieces of footage that’ve been sitting around unused, waiting for a purpose. 

From trekking around an enormous pumpkin for nourishment on an adventure, to spending a night in a sleeping pod in the big smoke, Beau’s always up to something wacky. 

Less about finding adventure close to home, this film is more of an insight into the filming and storyboarding process, as Beau dissects what went wrong and why these films didn’t bloom into their own individual stories. 

YouTube commenter C Sunneson summarised the key takeaways of the clip so damn well, I won’t even try to top it. 

Things that resonated with me:

  1. Don’t be too serious
  2. Film when you don’t want to film
  3. Talk about what you know, and you know yourself 
  4. Use the microphone

For more words of wisdom, just bloody watch the clip!