Beau Miles sends off his iconic blue legionnaires hat the only way he knows how – with one last sweaty run through the bush.


If you know Beau Miles, you know that he’s a fixer of things. Items that most other people would throw away and consider trash Beau sees as treasure, and will do anything to get some use out of them.  

That’s why, when he says it’s time to throw away his most-prized legionnaires hat, you know it’s a huge deal. 

To farewell his beloved piece of kit and celebrate the adventures he and the hat have been on together, Beau takes it and all his gear that’s probably passed its use by date, on one final run through the Victorian alps and forest. 

As always, Beau delivers some insightful reflections, particularly on how a good piece of gear allows you to completely forget you’re using it and open up more to the experience you’re having. 

RIP blue legionnaires hat, RIP.