When Beau Miles was invited to talk on ABC Weekend Breakfast, he decided to make a backyard, or rather, back-streets-of-the-city adventure out of it. 


It’s quite odd to see Beau in the big smoke. He looks the same as ever with his well-loved running vest on, full-face sun protection, and tool belt hanging around his waist. 

As he’s not running through the bush or tinkering around his home, but rather running the streets of Sydney with a wheelbarrow and wood in tow, you remember just how unique he is (and how much joy he takes in making people stop and stare). 

In 24 hours, Beau packs in two ABC Breakfast interviews, hours of rummaging through Sydney’s discarded wood, two new creations, and a coupla hours kip. 

He is a bloody doer, that’s for sure. Give it a squiz.