Flights are cheap, quarantine is no more, and the humidity is dropping – Indonesia is back open baby and we’ve found 10 of the most jaw-dropping Bali villas to transport you a world away.


I know what you’re thinking – ‘Bali is for bogans’. Believe me, I used to think the same thing. I avoided the place for years, deeming it too popular for me to ever consider visiting. But when the opportunity of a month-long writing course in Canggu, Bali came up, it was tricky to say no. 

And once I was there, it was one of those ‘Ohhh, THIS is why everyone comes here’, moments (I’ve had a few). 

And now, my housemates and I are looking at Bali villas JUST LIKE THESE to spend a long weekend at, surrounded by the stunning Balinese countryside or maybe down on the beachfront, we haven’t decided yet. 

If you’re thinking a similar thing, allow me to introduce 10 of Bali’s most sought after tropical getaways.

10 Bali Villas to Escape To

1. Hideout Bali – Eco Bamboo Home

Location: Selat, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $169.55 AUD / night
Sleeps: 2 people



Ok this place is nuts! The whole thing is made out of bamboo – the floors, walls, roof – and it’s located, quite literally, in the jungle.

The description even says if you’re not comfortable with caterpillars, frogs, snakes, or mice potentially visiting the house, you should consider booking elsewhere. To quote the owner, ‘We are immersed in nature. 🙂 Animals are friends, not enemies.’. Sounds like a getaway designed for an Explorer!

Hours away from the clubs and traffic of Ubud and Kuta, this serene getaway is a side of Bali most people never get to experience.

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2. Nanuku House

Location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $1,003.10 AUD/ night
Sleeps: 8 people



If you’re looking for somewhere that can accommodate the whole crew, Nanuku House in the increasingly popular and ultra-cool Canggu should be at the top of your list.

This meticulously designed, modern villa comes with its own saltwater pool and rooftop sauna and overlooks the neighbouring rice paddies. You’ll be close enough to everything happening in town, but have ample space to retreat back to.

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3. Villa Sanglung

Location: Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $165.42 AUD / night
Sleeps: 8 people



Look at this place and tell me you don’t want to pack up and move. This elevated villa’s finest features are the uninterrupted views across the jungle to the ocean (and the infinity pool you can take it all in from).

Located in North Bali, this place claims to hold onto the peace and quiet Bali was known for 25 years ago. Time to find out.

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4. Balian Treehouse

Location: Balian Beach, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $108.60 AUD / night
Sleeps: 2 people



Another traditionally designed villa, Balian Treehouse is what Balinese dreams are made of. With its thatched roof, bamboo features, and absolutely luscious garden surrounds, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in the Garden of Eden.

Add in an ocean view, private pool, and the nearby surfer village of Balian, you’re pretty much set for an unforgettable getaway out of the hustle and bustle and surrounded by nature.

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5. Bamboo Eco Cottage

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $90.36 AUD / night
Sleeps: 4 people



This yurt-like bamboo cottage is one of the most unique places you could possibly stay.

Located in the middle of a rice paddy, but just a five minute stroll from the centre of Ubud, Bamboo Eco Cottage really offers up the best of both worlds.

Featuring an open-air basket weave design and nature at your doorstep, don’t be surprised if a few creepy crawlies join you in the bedroom!

As the description says, ‘It is eco tropical living at its best but with that comes nature in all its glory’.’ Prepare for an immersive experience!

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6. Villa Atlantis

Location: Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $97.12 AUD / night
Sleeps: 2 people



If you’re after a romantic getaway closer to the centre of town, Villa Atlantis is an idyllic villa in the heart of Seminyak.

Enjoy your own private pool, garden and koi pond (cute, cute) and be doted on during your stay by the owner’s lovely father, Made, who’ll serve you breakfast each morning.

Sounds like a damn delight!

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7. Villa Selka

Location: Kuta Utara, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $163.43 AUD / night
Sleeps: 2 people



Designed by an award-winning architect, this stylish and modern villa has more than you could ever need. The house and pool looks out over a lush rice field for an idyllic view from every angle.

You won’t believe you’re just a short ride from Canggu, Seminyak and the nearest beaches!

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8. Camaya Bali Suboya

Location: Selat, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $263.27 AUD / night
Sleeps: 4 people



This spectacular bamboo house offers up rice terrace views for daaaays and you can even spot the peak of Mount Agung off in the distance.

The hosts also offer a bunch of activities, including rice terrace hiking, white water rafting, and visits to a temple, water palace, or the beach.

Camaya Bali Suboya is located over an hour outside of Ubud so if it’s peace and quiet you’re after, you’re in luck. For everything else, you might need to look elsewhere.

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9. Villa Mimpi

Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $69.00 AUD / night
Sleeps: 5 people



If you’re looking for a private villa for you and a handful of friends, close to the action, but with plenty of your own space to come home to, Villa Mimpi is it.

Just a short walk from the bustle of Seminyak, this gorgeous villa has its own pool and indoor-outdoor area for lounging the afternoon away.

Go on, spoil yourself!

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10. Alam Dania

Location: Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $46.13 AUD / night
Sleeps: 2 people



Situated in a semi-rural location, a 15 minute drive from Ubud, Alam Dania is the ideal place to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, without losing access to town.

With both a private and shared pool to pick from, plus daily breakfast and afternoon tea included, you’ll soon wonder if you’ll ever be able to leave.

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