The first of four films where Beau explores Australia’s unhealthiest rivers is now live. Ep 1 sees our bearded friend descend the filthy Cooks River in Sydney.

Back in April last year I went and took photos of Beau Miles whilst he dragged a kayak down Australia’s unhealthiest river. Wearing kitchen gloves and his trademark hat, Beau sidled through a golf course, below petrol stations, and alongside trainyards, hidden from the city above.

‘These journeys have changed the way I think and act in this world,’ Beau says.

Running 23km from Strathfield to Botany Bay, the Cooks River is a shadow of its former self. It’s brimming with plastic, the water stings the skin, and at various points it’s overgrown with weeds, or a desolate concrete drain. Yet we never see any of this, it’s a dirty secret flowing beneath our homes.

That’s a fact that Beau intends to change. After more than a few filmmaking-shaped curveballs, Bad River is finally live. Check out Episode 1 and get excited for the next three films!



NZ Friends! Beau is doing an NZ Tour in late August, grab your tickets now.


Photos by @tim_ashelford