James Stuart

5 Ways You Can Protect Our Wild Places, James Stuart, HERO_Jagungal Wilderness in Kosciuszko National Park, mountain, heath, bush, grasses

5 Ways You Can Protect Our Wild Places

You don't have to be a tree-hugging hippie to care about nature (although we highly recommend hugging the odd tree now and then - it's good for you). Chances are that as a lover of exploring the outdoors you do care. A lot. But sometimes trying to co... Read More...

James Stuart


James Stuart is an often-as-possible bushwalker and climber, photographer, published poet/feature writer and gear junkie. He blogs on all things outdoors at www.thelifeoutdoors.com.au. His first full-length collection of poems Anonymous Folk Songs (Vagabond Press, 2013) was highly commended in the Anne Elder Award. He works as a marketing and communications manager in Sydney, where he lives with his partner, daughter and two guinea pigs.