Adrian Mascenon

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We Need To Talk About Uluṟu

Climbing Uluṟu was finally banned earlier this year and, as of the 26th October 2019, no one will be allowed up. Until then though it's fair game, but at what cost? Explorer Adrian Mascenon has just returned from the Red Centre and he reckons we need... Read More...

Adrian Mascenon

Featured Explorer

Adrian Mascenon is a born and bred Sydney Photographer. Shooting professionally since 2012, it all began when as a child, he picked up the old camera that his grandfather took with him in, and out, of WW2. Ever since then, photography became not only just about capturing the way light creates a beautiful, never to be repeated moment in time, but how that moment in time can hold so much importance as to send a message powerful enough to move people.