Adrian Mascenon

Adrian Mascenon adventuring alone grassland

An Introduction to Adventuring Alone

There's really something special about adventuring alone. To me, it's always been a little meditative. My weird kind of zen. To others, their kind of crazy. Don't get me wrong I love the company of others, but to stand atop a ridge and not see, he... Read More...

Adrian Mascenon

Featured Explorer

Adrian Mascenon is a born and bred Sydney Photographer. Shooting professionally since 2012, it all began when as a child, he picked up the old camera that his grandfather took with him in, and out, of WW2. Ever since then, photography became not only just about capturing the way light creates a beautiful, never to be repeated moment in time, but how that moment in time can hold so much importance as to send a message powerful enough to move people.