Have a piece of Arc’teryx gear that’s on its last legs? Don’t throw it away! The Arc’teryx ReBird Program has just launched in Australia and it’s got a few gear-saving tricks up its waterproof sleeve.


As a brand, Arc’teryx is committed to ‘accelerating evolution, helping to drive human progression in the outdoors’. It’s how the brand got its name after all! And in a world brimming with fast fashion, what better way to do this than by offering customers the opportunity to have their Arc’teryx gear repaired, upcycled, or traded in? 

Introducing the Arc’teryx ReBird Program

Arc’teryx’s ReBird Program has been active in the US for around a year now and has just launched in Australia with its three-part offering to Arc’teryx customers to ensure your gear lasts as long as physically possible. 

Let’s break it down.



ReCARE is the first stop for garments that’ve seen their fair share of adventure and need a little TLC.

Arc’teryx is offering product care and repair services to its customers for all their Arc’teryx garments. 

Jacket has a small tear in the sleeve? Take it in-store and the Arc team will mend it on the spot. Managed to do something slightly more drastic? Send it to the team and they’ll send it off to their professional repair facility. There’s still life in those pants yet!



The ReGEAR side of things is essentially a re-commerce scheme AKA second-hand gear (music to my bargain-loving ears!). 

Arc’teryx is pretty bloody confident about the quality and longevity of its gear, so much so it reckons even a used garment will keep you adventuring for years to come. 

You can benefit from the ReGEAR scheme in two ways; if you’ve got an old garment, you can trade it in and get a discount on a new purchase (cha-ching!). Secondly, all the second-hand gear collected will be sold at pop-up stores in the coming year, and eventually, a full-blown online marketplace stockpiled with pre-adventured goods. How good!

3. ReCUT

ReCUT is for when your garment has really, and I mean, reaalllly seen its last day on the trails – in its current form at least.

Arc’teryx is working with its Australian Design Ambassador Evan Howard AKA Terra Rosa Gear to turn discarded products into new creations! That’s right, it’s upcycling baby and not the dreaded hill-climbing kind.

Think wind shells into sleeping bags, rain jackets into hiking packs, and even in-store vinyl posters into cute-as-hell tote bags. Everything old is new again!

There’ll also be upcoming events and workshops so you can learn, for yourself, how to repair and upcycle your own gear. 


What about the rest?

If a product can’t be upcycled, Arc’teryx will send it to Upparel, a textile recycling plant that shreds the fabrics and uses them for cushion filling. Eventually, all couch cushions in Arc’teryx stores will be made using these recycled fabrics, how neat! 

All this repairing, upcycling, and recycling is great but if you’re still buying more than you need, the problem of overconsumption continues. Arc’teryx is passionate about helping customers buy right, and buy once so that the gear you love and depend on stays with you through every adventure. 

Check out the Arc’teryx ReBird Program and get your gear to last as long as your adventures!



Images thanks to Arc’teryx