Are you someone who’s actively working to help communities who’ve traditionally been excluded from the outdoors to increase their access to nature? Arc’teryx wants to hear from you. 


The Arc’teryx Community Grant Program is currently open to local, grassroots individuals and organisations who are working towards greater access to the outdoors for anyone who’s traditionally been locked out of it. 

Pretty much, anyone who’s not white, able-bodied, cis, straight – you get the gist! 

The coolest thing about this grant is Arc’teryx has very few qualms about how the money is spent. 

‘We trust your judgement on the best use of the funds and therefore provide them without restriction.’

How epic is that?! That means you can spend it on a specific project, on operating costs, on new equipment or materials or WHATEVER!

The only exception is lobbying –  there’s nooo lobbying allowed.

Why is Arc’teryx giving away money?

Arc’teryx recognises that a lot of its employees grew up with abundant access to the outdoors, greater than what most people have. This access to nature and ability to see people like them in these spaces has granted many people the additional privilege of a close connection to nature.

But Arc’teryx wants everyone to share this connection and wants to support the organisations and individuals already working hard to make this happen.

This isn’t the first time the grant program’s run. In 2021, Arc’teryx gave $1 million globally through their grant program last year and plan to do the same this year.

There are dedicated funds allocated to community groups in Australia and New Zealand and the local Arc’teryx team will be the ones choosing the recipients. They want to make sure the cash goes to the right people!

Ok, you’ve sold me. Gimme the deets!

Applications for grants are open from February 1-28 2022. That means there are only a few weeks left to apply! Hop to it!

Groups and individuals can be granted up to $5000 AUD, to spend however they like! And unlike a lot of other grants, organisations don’t have to have charitable status to be considered, so long as they’re operating within the communities they’re working to serve. 

Only one grant application can be submitted per community. If yours is a larger organisation with chapters in different locations, each chapter is allowed to submit its own grant application as a single community. 


Apply Now


If you’re not successful with the grant program, Arc’teryx still wants to be able to help out however they can, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!