Sustainable outdoors clothing company Amble (FKA Team Timbuktu), is bringing you trail pants that actually fit – but you’ll have to back them first.


With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Aussie outdoor gear brand Amble is bringing stylish, environmentally friendly, size inclusive women’s hiking pants to production – and you can pre-order your own pair now.

$30,000 is needed in order to bring the pants to life (and trails near you) and the campaign ends this Sunday 20th of November so you’re running out of time to get your order in!

In order to design the pants, founder and creator of Amble, Rhianna Knight, spoke to over 500 women about the most common problems they have with outdoor pants.

Most people said hiking pants either fit their hips or waist, not both, there are never enough pockets, and they’re often daggy and not sustainably made.

Enter the Sundial Pant and Trail Pant

The Sundial Pant is an everyday, casual outdoor pant that can take you from trail to coffee shop seamlessly.

It has an elasticised high waist, four different pockets, a ⅞ cropped leg, and is water resistant. Additionally it’s made out of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. Even the tags and labels are recycled!


The Sundial Pant


The Trail Pant is a step up. This garment can take you further, whether that be a chill day on the trail or a multi-day expedition.

These pants also feature an elastic waist, have six pockets, are water-resistant and full-length to help protect you while you’re out exploring. Both pants have a key loop and a mixture of zipped and open pockets. You can also get the Trail and Sundial pants in an earthy olive green or standard black.


The Trail Pant


Amble is also committed to making the outdoors accessible for everyone. The new range will be size inclusive, ranging from XS to 4XL.

You can grab the Trail pant for $139, the Sundial pant for $99 or both for $229. If these pants aren’t your thing but you still want to support a great project, you can make a monetary pledge instead!

Why is Amble using Kickstarter to make its clothes?

Kickstarter campaigns help bring new ideas and products to life without the need for a major investor or large, profitable company.

The public invests in the product and backs the idea before it comes to fruition, then the backers are the first people to get their hands on the product once it’s come to life. As a small business, it can be really expensive to create new clothes and to stock them in the broadest size range possible.

‘We need your help to make these pants a reality and to extend our sizing range,’ says founder Rhianna.

The $30,000 goal will cover the cost of production, fabric, freight, tax, processing, and packaging.


Founder of Amble, Rhianna Knight

What makes the pants sustainable?

Amble’s new pants are made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. Amble is also transparent about its supply chain, having worked with the same manufacturers since 2018.

The factories Amble uses are based in Xiamen, China and have BSCI and WRAP certifications.

These are globally recognised certifications that require manufacturers to have third party auditors who write reports on factory conditions and practices, which are then sent back to the business who produce their goods in that factory.


When will my pants arrive?

Amble is a small business committed to sustainability. This means that things take money and time. These brilliant pants haven’t actually been made yet, that’s why they’re calling for your donations and support!

You can see a full timeline on the campaign page but essentially you’ll receive your order in June 2023.

This gives Amble time to create the fabric at scale, sew the product, ship it to Australia, and distribute it to customers.

Grab a pair before this Sunday night and support a small Aussie business doing great things in the outdoor space!


Photos thanks to Arianna Leggiero