‘All The Way Up’ is a new doco that follows Australian Paralympian, Sam Tait, as he makes the first self-powered and mechanically unassisted ascent and descent of Mt Kosciuszko in a sit-ski.


For most people, the hike to the roof of Australia – Mt Kosciuszko – can be achieved in a couple of hours and without much prior preparation. 

For Sam Tait, summiting Mt Kosciuszko took months of planning and training, and on the day, took over seven hours to reach the top. That’s because Sam journeyed all the way using just the power of his arms. 



All The Way Up follows Sam’s journey to the highest point in Australia, as well as his ascent to the top of the sport of sit-skiing as a Paralympian. 

The global premiere of the film is happening in Jindabyne in a few months time, but a sneak peek has just been released and heck, it looks bloody inspiring, better grab a box of tissues for this one.



Sam made the ascent to Kosci with a support crew of mates in October 2020, after months of physical training on top of the training he was already doing to qualify for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics.

Sam travelled to the top using a hand-cycle, wheelchair, and a specially created cross-country sit-ski. Sam’s support team kept assistance to a minimum, clearing paths, leveling snow, and helping carry his gear.

After seven long hours, Same triumphantly reached the summit, before descendeding down the main face of Kosci on his sit-ski at sunset. 



Captured by filmmaker Lucas Wilkinson, joined by the ‘Mayor’ of the backcountry Matt Deck, and with the expertise of para-development coach, Tom Hodges, who also helped develop the para-compatible snow travel Sam used to reach the top, Sam had a massive support network for the journey. 



Watch the trailer now and ready yourself for the premiere this winter in Jindabyne. 


Photos thanks to @boenferguson