The Adelaide100 is a new loop walking trail that will link together over 100km of coast, hills and waterways throughout the capital city. 


You know what they always say in Adelaide – ‘man we wish we had more walking tracks’. Maybe they say that, I’m not really sure. But I know they won’t be saying it for much longer. 

Over 100km of walking tracks throughout the city are currently being constructed, marked and linked to create the Adelaide100 circuit. As of October 2020, around a third of the trail has been completed, with plans to have the entire track ready to walk by mid-2021. 



The track will stretch along Adelaide’s coastline, from Kingston Park to West Beach, jaunt through the CBD and along the River Torrens, before winding its way out west through the bush tracks in the Adelaide Hills, and looping back through the suburbs.



The circuit plans to link together a bunch of existing trails, services, and tourist locations, like the summit of Mount Lofty, Adelaide Hills wineries, and local significant Indigenous sites. 

There’s no start or end point – just jump on anywhere you like and walk till your heart’s (and leg’s) content. 

If you’re keen to walk the whole track, it’s estimated to take around 5-6 days, with plenty of places to stay close to the track. 


Photos thanks to Adelaide100