Beau Miles is quickly becoming the backyard adventure king. And now he’s bringing his one year old daughter, May, along for the wheelbarrow ride. 


A few years ago, Beau shared one of his most watched films, A Mile an Hour, in which he ran one mile around his block every hour for 24 hours, and in the meantime, ticked off an enormous ‘To Do’ list. The last item on that list was ‘make a baby’ and low and behold, now he has one. And he’s taking her on his adventures. 

A Mile With May is his latest film, and it doesn’t differ too much from the title. Beau and May pile a bunch of toys (for kids young and old) into a wheelbarrow and go for a stroll around the same mile-long lap of their Jindivick property. 

Wholesomeness ensues. Give it a watch, I’m sure you’ll feel that warm-heart glow as you remember the wide-eyed innocence of childhood that makes every day an adventure.