How many nights in a row do you reckon you could sleep in a tent? 10? 50? 100? 

How about 500?


That’s what Max Woosey, an 11 year old kid from Devon in the UK has just achieved. Max has been sleeping in a tent in his backyard since the start of the pandemic and raising money for the North Devon Hospice along the way. 

And his efforts have helped him raise over a million dollars for the hospice. What a fucking champ. 

It all started when Max’s neighbour who had terminal cancer and was being cared for by the North Devon hospice, gifted Max his tent and told him to have an adventure with it, just before he passed. 

The idea for a camp out to raise funds for the hospice came when the pandemic first hit and the hospice quickly lost a significant amount of donations. 

Max stayed in his tent through the cold English winter and wouldn’t even budge when he received a positive test for COVID-19. 

The kid gained heaps of press coverage in Britain and across the world – he even met Boris Johnson and had to chase the Prime Minister’s dog, Dilyn, around the yard after he stole Max’s soft toys lol.

At the one year mark, there was a Big Camp Out organised and around 1000 kids from across the globe spent the night camped out under the stars helping to raise a significant portion of the funds. 

Max is still out there, camping away, living a life without bed times or boogeymen under the bed, and he says he’s not ready to come inside just yet. 

‘I don’t have any intention of stopping just now. I love being outdoors and being closer to nature. If it stops being fun, I’ll come in. But I can’t imagine that,’ Max told The Guardian.

Keep it up legend.