One of Victoria’s most iconic locations, Wilson’s Prom, is cutting off predators with a 10km barrier fence to help protect the native wildlife in the national park. 


The Vicco Government recently announced they’re splashing $23 million on improving and protecting the Wilsons Promontory National Park

$6 million of that will go towards constructing a 10km fence across the Yanakie isthmus, where the Prom connects to the mainland, to stop deer, cats, and foxes from crossing into the park and wreaking havoc on the environment and native wildlife. 

The fence will create a 50,000 hectare wildlife haven on the Prom, helping to protect vulnerable species like the long-nosed potoroo, southern brown bandicoot, and ground parrot, and begin to restore the national park to its natural state. 



Building deep into the ground and standing around 2m high, the fence will ensure animals can’t get over, under, or through to the other side, allowing the national park to focus on eradicating pests within the confines of the park, without the worry of more entering. 

The $23 million budget also includes a $7.8 million visitor centre and tourism hub to be built just outside the park’s northern entrance, with fresh and upgraded accommodation. There’ll also be upgrades to hiking tracks and car parks.


Photos by @thetantrap