What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold (read to the tune of ‘Hey Ya!’, by OutKast). Alright, alright, alright. When the Yeti Lowball 10 oz Rambler turned up at my doorstep I didn’t really know what I made of it. It’s far too heavy and bulky to take bushwalking, I thought to myself, and it didn’t look as nice to drink out of as my KeepCup. What have they tried to do here?

So I thought I’d give it a go.

Let’s just say I was impressed.

I made a brew (coffee, that is) on the way to uni one morning. I usually sip it on the commute to find it’s cold at the end of the short 20min drive. Nope, not anymore. I realised it was a proper insulator one morning when I sat it on top of my frosted car (Tassie winter i.e. <0C), jumped in the car and wrapped my hands around a cold cup with coffee still too hot to drink. Impressive.

Isaac Probert Yeti Lowball 10oz Rambler gear review

Then I noticed an accidental shift. I was now savouring my morning coffee more, without the necessity to rush drinking it while it was hot. I also love drinking from it, and have noticed my beloved KeepCup spending more time at home, instead favouring the lowball goodness of its better-insulating cousin from Yeti.


It’s also tough.

I put it on the roof of my car one hazy morning and drove off before hearing something banging on my roof racks. Plus another point for the Lowball.

Isaac Probert Yeti Lowball 10oz Rambler gear review

I also tested its ability to keep cool, as I’m sick of having to water down my scotch and coke with ice just to keep it cold when I’m sharing stories with friends around a fire. Scotch + chilled coke + Yeti rambler = problem solved. Ice need not apply. Just light the fire and find some friends.

The Verdict.

In conclusion, I’ve been rather impressed with every aspect of the Lowball. I’m even thinking the now-seemingly modest weight of it may may mean it goes bushwalking too. I wish I had it on the Walls of Jerusalem a few weeks ago, when my hot coffee didn’t stay hot long at 2C inside Trappers Hut.

It’s now my go two mug for camping, bushwalking, work, uni and when I need a slowly-consumed coffee when smashing assignments out.

But the icing on the Yeti cake came today when I had a coffee at work, forgot about it, took a half-hour lunch break and came back to find it still hot and waiting for me. Wicked.

Maybe they use real Yeti hairs, or maybe they’ve redefined science as we know it. All I know is that whatever the Seiders Brothers have cooked up in Texas for making this product, it’s working.

Hey Ya!

Isaac Probert Yeti Lowball 10oz Rambler gear review

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