Since launching the Explorer Project earlier this year something special’s been brewing in Australia.  Like a pot of Billy Tea with extra gum leaves.

Hundreds of weekend adventurists up and down the country have been submitting their wilderness escapes to inspire and inform the rest of us (inadvertently giving us all a kick up the proverbial to keep filling our lives with amazing experiences).

From back-country splitboarding and wind-powered billie-cart racing across salt flats, to multi day hikes and naked waterfall wild-swimming; we’ve been incredibly impressed with the submissions so far.

What’s more, we’re now making it even easier for you to find a suitable adventure with the launch of our new Microadventure Map.

At risk of sounding like Lincoln, it’s a project built for the people, by the people.

This is an ever evolving grassroots movement and as you’ll see we’ve barely touched the sides (quite literally in fact). As the Explorer tribe continues to grow, our aim is that we can provide a weekend planning resource that encourages more Australians to live a life packed full of outdoor adventures, whether thats hiking and camping or speedflying and shark-diving.

We’re pretty bloody excited about it. Click here to check it out.

Any feedback, please share your thoughts below.