We Are Explorers has been kicking some major goals this past year, something that makes us both excited and terrified! While our microadventure and inspiration game is strong, we’d really like to start a solid conversation about women in adventure. Here are the details…

Hey everyone! I’m Ellie and I’m part of the small (but hardworking!) We Are Explorers team managing the website, social media accounts and events we’ve been increasingly cooking up.

I’m a 27-year-old female with a background in sociology and international/community development and I have a keen interest in the experiences of women worldwide, professionally and personally.

Let’s Move With The Times

Recently, I’ve been taking a look at the Australian live music industry and what I’ve seen is that they have identified and discussed in depth the underrepresentation and mistreatment of women in their industry.

These conversations have brought about a flood of proactive initiatives and targets with the aim at making the Australian live music industry a friendlier, safer and more inclusive place for women.

They’re far from finished this important work though, there’s still a huge way to go. But in short, this process inspired me to start asking questions of the industry that I’m a part of; the Australian outdoor adventure industry, and media in particular.

Contribute To Our Survey

And as we all know, these conversations are happening across the board, in a whole range of industries. The outdoor adventure industry in the USA has been having a very public conversation about this for a while now.

There are a bunch of amazing women-focused outdoor adventure websites specifically covering women’s experiences in Australia and NZ but we’d like to bring this conversation to WAE.

In our Facebook groups and in comments under our posts, we’ve been seeing more and more women wanting to discuss their experiences in the male-dominated adventure world. They’re sick of being undermined, ignored and underrepresented.

Likewise, many men seem to want to express their support for change and don’t always have a platform for that expression.

I’d like to find out if there are more people thinking about this stuff and that’s why I created this short survey.

As an incentive, we’re offering one pass to a Wilderness Escape of the lucky winner’s choice in 2018! Details on this sweet offer can be found below.

Is this issue as important as I reckon it is? Do WAE readers care as much about it as I think? If I’m wrong, I’ll swallow my words. But if I’m right, well then WAE has some work to do.

What Do We Want To Know

The survey covers three main areas:

  1. Your view of women in adventure overall
  2. Outdoor adventure for leisure or recreation; and outdoor adventure retail and products
  3. Workplace and careers in the industry

Who Would We Like To Hear From?

I’d like to hear from anyone who has something to say (that means all women, men and genderqueer individuals), but here are a few ideas of who might be particularly suitable for the survey (this list is not exhaustive):

Everyday Explorers

Everyday Explorers – i.e. anyone who goes on adventures for leisure or recreation (mountain-biking, hiking, skiing, fishing, camping and so on).

Outdoor adventure gear consumers – i.e. anyone who buys gear


Creative freelancers working in the industry, e.g. photographers, videographers, actors or sporting talent for photoshoots, copywriters, illustrators/ cartoonists, etc. “Unpaid” internships or freelance gigs count here.

Admin workers in the outdoor adventure media industry, e.g. website developers / maintenance, marketing and social media managers, editors, directors and producers, art directors, event managers, etc.

Outdoor leaders and educators, including tourism providers operating in the adventure experience space

Outdoor adventure retail employees – i.e. sales, checkout, head office, any other positions that exist.

So without further ado…

If you’re keen to help us start a serious conversation about women’s involvement and experiences in the outdoor adventure industry, then please click below to fill out the survey.


Take me to your survey!


If you have any extra thoughts about the topic that don’t fit into the survey, I’d really love you to contact me at ellie@weareexplorers.com.au

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Photo courtesy of @girlscout_

Wilderness Escape Offer

We’ll randomly choose one of our survey participants to receive a pass to one of our epic Wilderness Escapes. This will cover up to $250 towards an Escape (most of our events are less than this) but you’re welcome to pay the difference to attend one of our more expensive trips if you want!

We’re yet to launch our 2018 events, but we’ll be repeating a bunch of events that we have already done, including canoeing, navigation, photography, climbing, and so on. The winner will choose which event they wish to come along to!

Please remember though, we only run events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, so if you are outside of those areas you’ll need to travel to one of those cities to take advantage of the offer.

Cover photo courtesy of @_thelittleadventurer

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