Brent took a break from Queensland’s heat and hit up Tassie for a winter road trip. Pack a warm jacket and see the island in all its moody glory.

If I had to describe Tasmania in two words it would be rugged, and welcoming. Our road trip was completely spontaneous, and full of surprises. Having lived in Queensland for the last year and a half, I needed a cool getaway. I’d never been to Tasmania, so we thought it would fit the bill!



Tasman Peninsula

Our first adventure after departing from Hobart was a 3 hour cruise to Tasman Island along Cape Pillar. It was hard to take it all in; there was what felt like a million dolphins swimming alongside the boat, the smell of New Zealand fur seals ripping the flesh of stolen tuna fish and the sight of the tallest cliffs in the southern hemisphere. After an amazing day of exploring the cape, we decided to have a nice cup of tea outside our AirBnB in Murdunna.

Mount Field National Park

After a couple days on the Tasman Peninsula roaming around we made our way north, with a quick stop in Mount Field National Park. An easy walk from the car park will get you to the moss-filled picturesque landscape that’s home to both Russell and Horseshoe Falls.

Winter Road Trippin' Tassie // Photo Essay Brent Frondall waterfall, ferns, moss

Settings: 5.0 sec, 18mm, f/22, ISO 100

Cradle Mountain

Not going to lie, I was pretty anxious about getting to Cradle Mountain, we arrived at our lodge at night, and had no idea what the cloud cover was going to do. The entire drive there was filled with rain or snow. The next morning we were treated to a car covered in ice! After preparing ourselves for a cold day we made our way up to Dove Lake and weren’t disappointed. In fact, the car park had 2 other cars and perfect cloud cover for shooting some epic photos.

Winter Road Trippin' Tassie // Photo Essay Brent Frondall mountain, trees, reflection, lake, hut

Settings: 1/1250 sec, 35m, f/1.8, ISO 400

Pit Stops

After finishing up on Cradle Mountain we made our way towards Launceston, where I dropped my friend off before carrying on by myself. Our random pit stops to stretch presented a lot of opportunities to take photos of windy narrow roads and highland cattle grazing in a pasture.

Freycinet National Park

I carried on towards Freycinet National Park where I was fortunate enough to have some Tassie locals show me around. If there’s one recommendation I have for anyone it would be: wake up for sunrise in Freycinet, it’s worth it.

Winter Road Trippin' Tassie // Photo Essay Brent Frondall sunrise, cloads, mountains, lake, Freycinet National Park

Settings: 1/4000 sec, 35mm, f/1.8, ISO 1250

Tahune Airwalk

After arriving back in Hobart, where I would spend my last couple days in Tasmania, a lovely friend of mine suggested I make my way to Tahune Airwalk (approx. 1.5hr drive). The airwalk was a great experience but I think I was more stoked for the foggy roads that twisted through the dense forest. The road was surrounded by cloud cover, and almost engulfed with massive ferns.

Winter Road Trippin' Tassie // Photo Essay Brent Frondall ferns

Settings: 1/25 sec, 18mm, f/5.0, ISO 500

I met some amazing people while I was in Tasmania, and I plan to go back again soon. I know a lot of people can be hesitant to visit Tasmania in the winter simply due to the cold. But I think the climate is what makes places like Tassie so unique. The cold damp weather breeds friendly welcoming people, and a landscape you’ll never forget.