To celebrate the release of the Campshire Fleece and the We Are Explorers Climbing Month (get keen for April!) we’re offering a chance to win tickets to a unique Climbing Wilderness Escape and workshop, in partnership with The North Face.

We’ll fly and drive you to a juciy bit of cliff, feed you up, chill the beers and get you into a Campshire Fleece to call your own. All you have to do is focus on sending it up the cliffs and having a chinwag with Ben and Lee Cossey, the 2 pros from The North Face who’ll be there to give their expert advice. No worries if you’re a beginner either, that’s what Wilderness Escapes are all about.

Every winner gets to bring a plus one, so if you’re not convincing at least 10 friends to enter (and promise they’ll take you along if they win) you’re kind of blowing it.

Enter below and we’ll see you there!