How’s your June long weekend looking? NSW National Parks is out to make it one to remember for one lucky explorer. They’re offering a mega prize that includes 4 nights at the flippin’ fancy Creel Lodge on Lake Jindabyne plus mountain-biking, caving and hiking adventures!


This competition is now closed, cheers to all who applied!

The Lodge

Creel Lodge looks out over Lake Jindabyne from within Kosciuszko National Park – it’s the perfect base for a weekend of alpine adventures! There’s a decent deck to look out over the lake, an outdoor fireplace and no one else around. Plus there’s enough space for yourself and 7 mates! Keep the 8th-12th June free in your diary.



A Caving Adventure

There’s a new adventure tour that takes groups into the magical underworld of Yarrangobilly Caves. Part of the prize is a professional tour of the caves that’ll be juuussst tight enough to get your heart pumping. Make sure you remember a copy of The Descent to watch with the crew beforehand. Luckily there’s sweet relief in the form of a naturally heated thermal pool when you make it out.


Yarrangobilly Caving_BoenFerguson

A Mountain Bike Tour

Thredbo’s one of Australia’s best spots for mountain biking. With a guide and all your gear provided your crew will be shredding through the high country atop two-wheeled steeds in no time. The tour is aimed at beginners so none of your mates will get left behind… probably. Race ya to the bottom!


Thredbo Valley Track_credit Boen Ferguson

A Guided Walk

Have you ever walked with a ranger? They’ve got an insane amount of knowledge up in their noggins. Part of the prize is a half-day guided walk along the Snowy River with a NSW National Parks ranger. You and your mates will come out juiced up with factoids about this stunning region.




All you have to do to win is sign up to the NSW National Park’s blog e-newsletter, none of those 25 words or less shenanigans. It closes on the 24th of May so hit it up now!