“It feels really sharky up there mate!” isn’t a sentence I particularly like to hear prior to a surf weekend.

If I ever encountered a hungry monster of the deep I’m not sure I’d have the presence of mind (or kahunas) to punch it in the back like old mate Mick. I’d probably just shit myself and sink.

The plan for the weekend was hatched with Rob at a travel event in Bondi, and took us less than a month to formulate a trip idea and gather a 16 strong crew for a micro-adventure near Sydney. We enjoy surf and we enjoy a drink. We aptly named the trip ‘Whiskey & Waves’, and planned on going completely overboard on both measures.

We picked the Central Coast as our surfing destination given it’s 2 hour distance from Sydney, and left when the sparrow’s fart on a Saturday morning. The weather was nothing shy of perfect throughout the weekend given we were in the ‘depths of Winter’, and with the waves pumping but by no means mental, mother nature had dealt us a very good hand.

Assembling our gaggle at Copacabana Beach, Central Coast

Assembling our gaggle at Copacabana Beach, Central Coast

We explored Avoca Beach first, but Copacabana Beach proved to be the best spot for the day. With fewer ‘thongs’ in sight relative to it’s Brazilian counterpart, it was no less beautiful.

I did attempt some capoeira on the beach but found my wetsuit very restrictive.

We actually doubled the number of people in the water when our crew paddled out – much to the satisfaction of local surfers – but thankfully the more competent shredders in our group proved we deserved a spot on the break. I took great comfort in the exponentially decreasing probability of a shark attack given our gaggle of surfers and kept myself firmly in middle of the pod.

Lanky shadows at dusk

David ‘The Shredder’ Mitchell

Little Beach Campground in Bouddi National Park was our adopted home for the night. We’d booked ahead to secure all but one of the sites, which is highly recommended given it’s an absolute peach of campsite. Nestled on a grassy verge just behind the beach, it’s a prefect spot to wake up to the waves for a early morning surf, go snorkelling, spearfishing, walking or even mountain biking the coastal trail like a few of us did.

Little Beach campground

Little Beach campground

'The Penthouse' at Little Beach Campground

‘The Penthouse’ at Little Beach Campground

The BBQ area became our little sanctuary, and we worked our way through a disturbing amount of whiskey over the course of the evening. Courtesy of our Welsh mates Nathan and Nobber, the highlight of the night came in the form of a wooden log, a hammer and a bag of nails. Rather than a late night DIY session, these were the essential ingredients for an almightily fun and hazard-riddled drinking game called ‘Nails’. Very simply, each player is given a 6 inch nail and take it in turns to strike it, the winner being the first to hammer the nail so it’s completely flush against the wood. Quite surprisingly, our first aid kit didn’t even make an appearance.

Whiskey & Waves


Whiskey & Waves-24

The remnants of a savage game of ‘Nails’

With a lack of surf at Little Beach, we packed up early on Sunday morning and returned to Copacabana for an afternoon of even better surf. We surfed until our shoulders could take no more, headed to Avoca for lunch and shot back to Sydney to avoid the mad city rush.

What a monumentally fun weekend, and all within 2 hours of Sydney. Score.

Whiskey & Waves-21

Jonny taking a moment

Whiskey & Waves -40


Whiskey & Waves-6

A Hobbit Hasslehoff

Whiskey & Waves-31

Rob eyeing the prize

Whiskey & Waves-33

Here comes the McShredder

Whiskey & Waves-26


Whiskey & Waves-7