It was what some would consider a miserable, rainy Monday morning on the Coffs Coast, which to Liam meant perfect conditions to head out to the lush rainforest of Dorrigo National Park on his day off…


  • Pristine ancient rainforest
  • Very close to surrounding towns
  • Multiple waterfalls & swimming holes
  • Easy access
  • Secluded areas

The Wonga Walk

My younger brother and I grabbed our rain jackets, a bunch of bananas and my camera bag and headed off south from Coffs Harbour along the highway. We exited on to the beautiful Waterfall Way which winds through the pristine Bellingen Shire and eventually up the Dorrigo mountain range. This is my favourite road to travel on because you have to take it slow, the roadside scenery is spectacular and it’s the gateway to a number of my favourite locations.

We reached our destination, the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre carpark, just as a heavy fog crept in and the rain started to fall. The whole place was empty except for one family who were leaving, which meant we had the place to ourselves – score!

We decided we’d stick to the main track, Wonga Walk, for the morning because we had to head back home in a couple of hours. As we started descending the track into the forest we immediately felt the temperature drop and the echo of native birds became louder with each forward step. Steady rain filtered through the towering canopy casting a heavy mist through the forest. It was a prehistoric paradise.


A Wet Monday Morning In Dorrigo National Park (NSW), Liam Hardy, vine, nature seat, rainforest, trees

Crystal Shower Falls

Forty-five minutes passed before we reached the footbridge leading to Crystal Shower Falls. Appropriately named, it may not be the biggest waterfall around but it certainly is one of the prettiest, and the fact that you can walk behind and beneath it makes it even more impressive.

The undercut rock face of the falls sheltered us from the rain while we had a bite to eat, snapped a few photos and simply relaxed to take it all in. Half an hour later we grabbed our things and journeyed on to complete the rest of the track, passing Tristania Falls on the way. Arriving back at my car, we were both quite relieved to take our soaking shoes and socks off and crank up the heater! Our next stop: the nearest café…


A Wet Monday Morning In Dorrigo National Park (NSW), Liam Hardy, waterfall, rainforest, pool, behind a waterfall, rainy

Essential Gear

  • Walking boots
  • Waterproof clothing on cloudy days
  • Water, packed lunch & some snacks for the walk
  • Head torch for night walks
  • Mobile phone/PLB for emergencies

How To Get There

Dorrigo National Park is located 63km west of Coffs Harbour along the picturesque Waterfall Way on the NSW Mid North Coast. The park can also be reached from Armidale and Guyra, both of these towns being approximately 130km west of Dorrigo.


Skill Level

Beginner for the Wonga Walk. Intermediate for other walks in the park.

Distance Covered

The Wonga Walk is a 6.6km loop.

Elevation Gain

Approximately 200m between highest and lowest point, descending at the start of the track.