As a platform for Explorers to share their riotous stories of adventure, tips from the road and luscious secret spots, we’re not used to having much of a theme at We Are Explorers. If it’s outdoors and a little bit wild that’s usually good enough for us.

But a few months ago we decided to get our shit together and focus on something for as long as our hyperactive brains could manage. What were we curious about? What were the We Are Explorers audience keen to sink their teeth into?

In short, everything. From seeking out cheeky mountain bike trails to multi-day SUP expeditions, our list quickly became outrageously long, and we had to pick just one! We skimmed through the We Are Explorers Community Facebook group, we looked at trends in the outdoor industry, we thought about what we were into – hell we even checked out the weather – and we came up with an answer.

Climbing Month.

Climbing, specifically rock climbing, is going through a bit of a renaissance. New indoor climbing and bouldering gyms are opening up across Australia, Alex Honnold recently climbed El Capitan without a rope and thousands of people are spending their weekends dangling from their fingertips above the valley floor, or trekking into the bush with a bit of foam strapped to their back and chalk on their hands.

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Photo by Jake Anderson

For all of April we’re going to be focusing on what drives these vagabonds. We’ll look at how to get started, showcase some epic locations and celebrate the aboveground culture (and some of its wacky personalities).


Scarpa Climb Night At NOMAD – Sydney

We’re kicking off Climbing Month with a Scarpa Climb Night tonight at NOMAD Bouldering in Sydney! Unfortunately tickets to this went almost instantly; if you didn’t get one we promise to think about you as we test out the new Scarpa Drago, get tips from the pros, dig into the Blumont Chicken food truck and sip brewskies from Capital Brewing Co. (in that order).

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Win A Climbing Wilderness Escape With The North Face Pros – Blue Mountains

There’s still time to win tickets to this totally unique Climbing Wilderness Escape and workshop. We’ll fly and drive you to a juicy bit of cliff, feed you up, chill the beers and get you into a Campshire Fleece to call your own before Ben and Lee Cossey literally show you the ropes and get you sending!

Each winner gets a +1 so make sure all of your mates have thrown their names in the hat!



Climbing Night With Arc’teryx at Northside Boulders – Melbourne

Block out the 18th of April in your diary and keep an eye out for our Melbourne Boulder session with Arc’teryx!


*Rock Climbing is generally a pretty safe activity when the right precautions are followed, but it can also be very risky. We want to inspire you, but if you are getting into any rock climbing or bouldering, make sure that you either get some professional training or go with an experienced climber. If you’re unsure, your local climbing shop or gym is a good place to start!



Feature photo by Jake Anderson