10 Best Fishing Spots in Sydney

The endless waterways and beaches throughout Sydney mean there’s no shortage of places to throw in a line and pull out a fish.

‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.’

Fishing Spots in Southern Sydney

1. Browns Rock

Location: La Perouse Type of fish: Bream, Trevally, Snapper, Tailor, Salmon

2. Gymea Baths

Location: Gymea Bay  Type of fish: Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Flounder, Salmon,  Bonito, Kingfish

Port Hacking River is one of the cleanest waterways in Sydney.

To get there, drive down a steep hill and park at the end of Ellesmere Road to access the walkway that leads to Gymea Baths.

3. Grays Point

Location: Grays Point Type of fish: Whiting, Bream, Flathead Best time to go: Incoming tide (low tide for sourcing yabbies)

The best time to hunt is on the rising tide, but there are opportunities to pump fresh yabbies for live bait at low tide.

4. Cooks River

Location: Brighton-Le-Sands Type of fish: Bream, Tarwhine, Snapper, Trevally, Flathead, Salmon, Whiting Best time to go: Early evening

As this is where freshwater and saltwater meet, there’s a wide variety of fish you could wrangle here.

Fishing Spots in Sydney Harbour

5. Parsley Bay

Location: Vaucluse

A sheltered cove that houses a cable footbridge, secluded beach, and swimming pool, with the perfect fishing spot located just further up the bay.

6. Beulah Street Wharf

Location: Kirribilli Type of fish: Flounder, Snapper, Flathead, Trevally, Bream and Squid! Best time to go: Early morning or late evening

Definitely a spot you want to hit up first thing in the morning, or last in the evening to avoid an excess of currents from ferries and boats.

Fishing Spots in North Sydney

7. Hawkesbury River

Location: Brooklyn Type of fish: Bream, Flathead, Jewfish, Crab

8. Manly Dam

Location: Manly Vale Type of fish: Australian Bass, Redfin, Silver Perch, Carp

The wetlands just by the dam wall are said to be the best fishing spot for reeling in some dinner.

9. Clifton Gardens

Location: Clifton Gardens Type of fish: Bream, Yellowtail, Kingfish, Garfish

Everyone wants a piece of this beauty, so get in early to avoid a huge crowd.

Fishing Spots in Western Sydney

10. Huntleys Point Wharf, Parramatta River

Location: Henley Type of fish: Flathead, Bream, Mulloway, Jewfish, Leather Jacket Best time to go: Late afternoon once the ferries stop running

Do I need a licence to go fishing in Sydney?

Yep! But don’t stress, it’s not like getting a driver’s licence – you don’t have to prove you’re a capable fisher to obtain one, phew!

What fish are biting around Sydney?

– Flathead – Whiting – Leatherjacket – Bream – Snapper – Silver Perch – Trevally – Salmon And if you're lucky, you might even get something exciting on your line (or net) like; – Squid – Abalone – Prawn – Lobster

Top Fishing Tips

– Fresh bait is best – Fish as light as possible (jighead/sinker and line) – heavier gear doesn’t always mean heavier fish – Use a rod, reel and line that are compatible with each other – Fish during turning tides – check the tides before you head out with the Tides Near Me app or the NSW tide tables – Bring a net to help secure your fish when reeling it in