Waterfalls galore near Leura — join Domenic as he trades a trip to the coast for a few of the Blue Mountains finest falls. Save the best ’til last and make your way to Bridal Veil falls — she’s a real beaut.


  • Pool of Siloam
  • Leura Cascades
  • Bridal Veil Falls

On this particular day, I decided that instead of heading east towards the beautiful NSW coast that I would head inland and capture the lush green foliage & slow falling water that the Blue Mountains are famous for. The trip was very disorganised and last minute so some quick googling helped me snag a few locations on the fly.


Leura _waterfalls_blue_mountains_D.Quaranta

Leura _waterfalls_blue_mountains_D.Quaranta

The first port of call was the Pool of Siloam, which was a 30-minute round trip from the Gordon Falls Lookout carpark. This walk dives deep into the Gordon Creek valley and opens up at the bottom with the sound of water greeting you straight away. It is here that a beautiful waterfall awaits.

The second stop on the trip had a lot more waterfalls and cascades than I had initially expected. I had no idea what scenery lay ahead of me. Starting at the Leura Cascades carpark I worked my way down the path and came across some beautiful waterfalls. The whole trail from start to finish was teaming with photo opportunities at every angle.

Leura _waterfalls_blue_mountains_D.Quaranta

Continuing the trail, I found myself at the foot of the most amazing waterfall I have ever seen, Bridal Veil Falls, photos do not do this amazing waterfall justice and you must see it in person to really appreciate it. I had the falls completely to myself and it was amazing to just sit back and take in the sheer beauty of it.

Essential Gear

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Plenty of drinking water
  • Pre-loaded maps (safety)

Getting There

Coming from Sydney the best way to get into the Blue Mountains is to hop onto the M4 and follow it all the way to Leura, it’s pretty self-explanatory as there are many signs along the way.

First stop was located at the Pool of Siloam

Leura_waterfalls_blue_mountains_D.QuarantaSecond stop was located at Leura FallsLeura_waterfalls_blue_mountains_D.Quaranta


  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Picnics

Skill Level

Intermediate — the topography of the area is very mountainous as would be expected, plan for breaks, bring lots of water and watch your footing.

Distance Covered

Between the 2 walking tracks, I would say 3.5 hours returning whilst stopping for photos.


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