Need a little Tuesday morning holy-shit-this-place-is-so-magical to go with your latte?


Watch Tuesday. Six minutes of East Coast surfing bliss that’ll get you amped for the early tomorrow – and pumped about living on planet earth in general.

The film showed up in my inbox last Tuesday at 9am and was a welcome pause before diving headfirst into the second day of the working week.

Johanna Brebner and Aiyana Powell take turns styling their way across rolling right-handers. Captured at golden hour, the pair share sessions with a number of majestic marine creatures, who’re are migrating home after their annual trip up North.

Playful moments enjoyed by the surfers overlap those of dolphins, sea turtles, black cockatoos and humpback whales.

Then, just before the credits roll and it’s time for me to continue clearing my inbox, the film takes a serious turn. Tuesday informs me of the threat PEP 11 poses to this fragile coastal ecosystem and I’m prompted to take action to protect it…

Luckily, you can too.



Tuesday is thanks to needessentials and created by @ishkaimagey

Follow @save_our_coast to help prevent PEP 11 from destroying our coastline.