Vollebak are fusing innovative tech with clothing to make some wild outdoor apparel, check out our favourites.

Outdoor gear is all about innovation; making clothing lighter, warmer, more waterproof, more breathable, all while becoming more ethical and sustainable. But while most brands are aiming to punch through the stratosphere, Vollebak is out doing laps of Saturn.

These guys are like the SpaceX of outdoor clothing, here are the ones that caught our eye.

Indestructible Puffer

indestructible jacket, sun lee, vollebak

Ever ripped your brand new, lightweight puffer jacket on a bush, or a sharp piece of paper? Yeah, puffers aren’t known for their durability. But the Indestructible Puffer is set to change all that, with a 100% Dyneema outer that’s insanely strong.

In fact, weight for weight, Dyneema is 15x stronger than steel and happens to be the strongest fibre humans have ever created. Sure the jacket weighs 2.5kg, but with a rating of up to minus 40 you probably won’t mind.

Fun science fact: Dyneema gets stronger in the cold, so when you’re out resisting abrasion at 50 below zero your jacket will be 5-10% stronger! Also, are you ok?

indestructible jacket, sun lee, vollebak

100 Year Pants

100 year pants, sun lee, vollebak

Ok, so these pants cost 645 dollars US, but maybe that can be justified if they’re the only pants you ever have to buy again? The 100 Year Pants are breathable, stretchy, windproof, fireproof, water-resistant and super abrasion-resistant. They lasted four times as long as polyester in wear testing and barely had a mark.

They’re made of 58% polyamide, 23% aramid, 18% polyurethane and 1% elastane – feel free to flex that one on your mates while you’re walking through the campfire.

Plant & Algae T Shirt

plant and algae tee, sun lee, vollebak

So far we’ve seen Dyneema and polyamide, but Vollebak are also exploring organic options in futuristic ways. The Plant and Algae T shirt is pretty rad, it uses a blend of sustainably grown lyocell and linen to create a raw T shirt. This is then coloured with a lab-grown spirulina algae ink for a design that slowly changes as it oxidises and breaks down.

When you’re done with it, you can bury the shirt and the entire thing will return to the earth in around 12 weeks. Our favourite bit? The production uses a closed loop where only 1% of water and solvents isn’t reused. Neat.

plant and algae tee, sun lee, vollebak

Black Squid Jacket

black squid ink jacket, sun lee, vollebak

Found the last few pieces a bit dull? If you need some colour with your cutting edge tech then you’ll love the Black Squid Jacket. Designed to mimic squid skin, the jacket uses over 2 billion microscopic glass spheres to reflect the spectrum.

It’ll look metallic black in dull light, then come alive in sunlight or under bright lights. Shouldn’t be a problem, the jacket’s designed for skiing and snowboarding (and has all the features), so you won’t get lost on the mountain.

Vollebak note that their jacket can only mimic the bright colours of squid skin, the camouflage aspect relies on a complex nerve structure, which they assure us they’re working on replicating.

Graphene Jacket 1

graphene jacket, sun lee, vollebak

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably geeking out a bit, which is great because the Graphene Jacket incorporates the only material in the world to win a Nobel Prize. Graphene’s super light, super strong and conductive, but does it have a place in apparel? This jacket was a bit of an experiment to find out.

It’s reversible, with one side coated in graphene (the base is nylon) and when you face the graphene inwards the conductivity can regulate heat around your body, and warm your skin by up to 2 degrees!

Graphene has been shown to breathe and resist bacterial growth, but for now you’ll only find it in experimental jackets like this one because it’s so expensive to produce.