How’s this for wholesome? Three women, united by their love of surfing, are inspired to help protect the planet together. That’s exactly what Patagonia’s latest short film, ‘Voices For The Ocean’ is all about.


The ocean plays a huge role in the lives of many Aussies. It’s a place of fun, freedom, and for Patagonia ambassadors Belinda Baggs, Liz Clarke and Moona Whyte, it’s what led them all to a life of committed environmental activism.

Patagonia’s latest short film, ‘Voices For The Ocean’ takes a deep dive into the lives of these three incredible women, to discover how their love of a good wave motivated them to speak up for the sea.

‘Over the years I’ve been passionate about environmental causes, but I was always waiting for someone else to take the lead. And after I had my son, Rayson, I realised that there was no more time to wait. I found my voice, and I found my confidence, and I think I found a lot of my confidence through surfing.’

– Belinda Baggs


Voices for the Ocean


Our oceans are facing a barrage of threats; plastic pollution, overfishing, oil-drilling and warming temperatures. We need to be the voices for the ocean, in order to protect the places we love. 

And we know it works! Just take a look at the ‘Fight for the Bight’ campaign! How’s that for people power? Stand up and had your voice to the chorus to protect peaks around the world.


Feature photo by Jarrah Lynch