Get your hands on one (or more) of these gorgeous vintage posters to support towns on the South Coast affected by the fires.

Remember those old school, vintage tourism posters of the 1950s? The illustrations made the destinations seem exotic and dream-like, and they featured far-flung destinations; Venice, Paris, London, Rome. 

Well now towns and villages affected by the fires on the NSW South Coast, including Narooma, Mogo and Lake Conjola, are being promoted in the same iconic way. 

Cartoonist David Pope has created a collection of gorgeous vintage tourism posters to raise money for the recovery of these towns, as part of a wider campaign by Australian Community Media (ACM) to bring tourism back to these devastated areas. 

Mr Pope recently visited the South Coast to capture the beauty of these towns, which are still deeply scarred by the fires.

‘I’m hoping to capture elements of these towns and areas that have elements of the fire present in them. We can’t pretend that these beautiful places haven’t been affected, and that the people in the towns haven’t gone through incredible trauma,’ Mr Pope said. 

If you look closely, each poster melds together the beauty of the place and the effect fire had on the region.

The posters will appear in The Canberra Times, as well as 50 other regional newspapers owned by ACM over the coming weeks. So next time you’re at the shop, grab your local paper and keep your eyes peeled for one of these gorgeous posters. 

They’ll also soon be available for purchase to raise money for bushfire recovery across the region.